past the threshold.

I have no clue how to be a wife. Not. A. Clue.

There is laundry piled in the bedroom, the vacuum is still in its box. Our brand new white couches have taken on a beige tint in some places, and we still don’t have an actual trash can.

But here we are. 2.75 weeks in and we are still alive. He still loves me and I think I love him 100 times more.


After a whirlwind and an adventure of a honeymoon I returned with high expectations of what my week would look like. Multi-course dinner? No sweat! Ready when he walks in the door? Sure! Combination of those two? Not so much. But you know what? In the end it really is more fun to make it together and to laugh if/when it really does not turn out how we planned.

roasted potatoes

My goal in this is to remember where we started. I mean everyone has to start somewhere right? Someday I will be able to make amazing meals made from scratch, take pictures at just the right angle, and feel like I have this whole wife thing down.

burgers (we love our George Forman!)
coconut crusted tilapia
baked nachos

2 thoughts on “past the threshold.

  1. Chels, I loveee this! I’m so looking forward to reading this all the time. I put it at the top of my blog column in my bookmark bar. So excited to hear about all of your married life adventures! Love you šŸ™‚

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