A routine is one of those things that you don’t realize you need until you don’t have one. Our first attempted routine in marriage was thrown off by Tropical Storm Maria who decided to extend our honeymoon a day, which was great (really), but we had planned on a “relax” day when we got back which did not happen. Our next attempt at a routine was met with a massive head cold on my end, which left me on the couch for 3 days and Brandon playing “mom”. In his own words, he is ready! It was tough to break it to him that he will, in fact, never be a mom.

Finally, on week 3 of marriage, we are getting in to the swing of things. Laundry is done, and food was on the table today right when Brandon walked in the door (I still don’t know how that happened!)

reliving our favorite honeymoon beverage! (rum punch, mostly the punch part)
Again-roasted potatoes. So easy, and so good! (A little too salty tonight though)
krispy baked cod (yes, rice krispys, go figure)

Brandon has developed an awful habit. It started on our honeymoon, where he turned too quickly and elbowed me in the head. Fast forward to a night this week during my sickness, I woke up in the middle of the night coughing uncontrollably. And what does my sweet husband do, reach out and punch me. In his sleep of course, the following conversation was priceless:

“You just punched me!”

“….zzz…no…i didn’t…you’re dreaming…go back to sleep….”


“……go to sleep…”

He didn’t remember anything the next morning. And again, Saturday night, in his sleep, he reached quickly to move his arm and connected with my head. This one woke him up due to it connecting so hard with my head.

“I just feel like I should hug you right now, that sounded like it hurt.”

Yeah, we really need to break that habit.


2 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Hahahaha I LOLed so many times while reading this. Haha breaking it to Brandon that he’ll never be a mom. And I loved the part about him punching you. Sitting at Kate’s on Sunday was priceless.
    You: “Brandon punched me again last night.”
    Kate: “Really, again?”
    Just so casual for me to hear, especially since I didn’t know it was in his sleep.
    Well I love the way you write, Chels, and I’ll be praying that the abuse comes to an end.
    Looking forward to more posts!
    Love you!

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