It’s official. Never again will I just be able to tell people my name and expect it to be spelled right, let alone even be pronounced correctly. Even my own family-in-law can’t agree on how to pronounce it. Hell-drop vs. Hel-der-op (we go for the latter). I don’t think it would be so bad if I had a first name spelled in the normal fashion. Oh well, there could be worse things in life.


We are fully into married life now, 4 weeks! This week we spent some much needed time with dear friends. I’m hoping to get back in to my Monday night girl’s nights soon, but the lack of interest in Dancing with the Stars this season has put us on hiatus. Thursday night my soon-to-be-married Andrea and I braved the rain and enjoyed a cozy bite to eat with some much needed catch up time. Friday night kicked off the monthly ladies staff night and it was glorious. There is nothing greater then doing life with this group. So we cozied up with chili, heaven-sent pumpkin bars, and hot caramel apple cider. It was divine. I love the conversations that take place on these nights. No two women on our staff are exactly alike, our age ranges span decades, we have different passions, different talents, but there is a beautiful blend. The encouragement and laughter shared on these nights leaves us with a contented sigh and a full heart as we retreat to our cars well past our sleep hours.


Our busy schedules switched up my cooking plans this week. My adventurous plans of home-cooked meals were whittled down to one thing:


I promise you that deep down under that mound of cheese and Fritos is chili. I attempted my mothers recipe this week and I would have to call it a success. That is a good thing considering we have enough left to feed an army.


My dad is a pretty cool guy. Saturday morning has turned into our team shopping day. Except he usually doesn’t shop, he pushes my cart and gives me advice. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the week. We are heading to Chicago in a few weeks for our annual Father-Daughter weekend. I am so thankful for a husband who loves this and doesn’t hesitate in giving his okay to leave him for a few days.


Happy weekend!



2 thoughts on “week-end

  1. Why are you the cutest? I adore married you.
    Except that I haven’t seen married you since you became married you 😦

    Also, it made me happy to read that you still have a Dad-Daughter weekend…then even happier to read on to see that your husband is supportive. Quality man right there!

    Love you girl!

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