Kitchen Failure

I really could say blog failure as well, as someone pointed out to me it has now been 26 days since I last posted. Life seems to be flying by and I need to be much better at documenting this season before we move on to our next.

SO. For living in an apartment, we have a great kitchen. When we were searching for a place to live I had visions of falling apart cabinets, appliances with years of food caked into unclean-able places. Thankfully, we are now living in an apartment that was updated just before the previous tenant moved in, and even better-that tenant was my college roommate! HOWEVER, we have one issue. The oven. It seems that our oven is a tad bit hotter than normal ones, and it also seems to have a slight tilt towards the back (which makes it really interesting when you try to fry something). This past Saturday was just a cooking failure. I started off with good intentions: blueberry muffins for breakfast. 10 minutes later we have this:

plus this:

Cue me in the corner screaming and Brandon scrambling to figure out if his wife is dying in the kitchen. Grabbing the wire rack in the oven is really never a great idea.

Poor tilted muffins. They lost half their bottoms just getting out of the tin.

After a few minutes of woe is me I fail at cooking, and Brandon shoving multiple muffins in his mouth to convince me they tasted okay, I snapped out of it and finally decided to look on the bright side:

They actually did taste pretty good-and there were even a few non-tilted ones!


Fast forward 7 hours to this:

and this poor pan had no clue what was coming:

Brandon and I are fortunate to have best friends who are marrying each other next month, so we had them over for a relaxing evening before the craziness of wedding month begins. They, like the poor dishes above, had no clue what they were walking into. Well maybe the smoke filled apartment gave them a hint.

Cooking Tip: If the recipe says heat the pan as high as possible then spray with cooking spray. DO NOT DO IT.

I really should have stopped at that point when the pan turned an unflattering copper color and started smoking. But nope, my mind urged me to quickly put the chicken in the pan and all would be well. Hellooo black chicken billowing smoke. Cue my second melt down of the day [“Dinner is RUINED, IT’S RUINED.”] This was as the buzzer was ringing, notifying us that our unsuspecting friends were downstairs. My amazing husband, again, is calming me down (while holding back his laughter) and reminding me that thankfully, we had more chicken in the freezer.

Dinner was an hour late, but it [surprisingly] turned out pretty good. I think I used every single dish in the kitchen though.

Progress. We are making progress.


5 thoughts on “Kitchen Failure

  1. oh the memories of newly married and newly learning to cook!!!! thanks for the memories and giggles. Glad you are ok. I will gladly enjoy coming for dinner, after your first year…. or we can order out !!!!! LOL just teasing. All will be well soon. Hang in there and always keep a first aid kit handy!!!!!!!

  2. Nothing like experience! Things will come out easier if you grease the pan with shortening and then coat with flour. Also you might want to invest in an oven thermometer.

  3. yay thank you for blogging and for the first line that I’ll consider a shout out! hahaha. this has made me want to eat a Chelderop home made meal. and I love the picture with the mason jars in the background. I hope your finger heals quickly.

    blog again sooooon 🙂 loved it!

  4. You made my day. Save these blogs for years down the road and write a book. You have the gift of starting out fresh at a new experience. Your Groom sounds like one smart cookie. Pardon the pun. ;-}

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