best friend

In most cases, a husband opening the door and having his wife rush at him with a pan may not have the greatest ending. Lucky for Brandon, I am the unique kind of wife who gets extremely excited over this:

I get excited all over again just looking at that picture. Look at that shine! And yes, that is the same pan that I scorched two weeks ago. Enter my new best friend: Bar Keeper’s Friend [friend in the name makes it that much better]. Voila! It is like new again. Thank goodness, I was not ready to bid adiue.


I do not even know where this last week has gone. Last time I checked it was Halloween, and then this morning my husband woke up singing “It’s Friday, Friday…” [which now means the song has been stuck in my head all day, not happy]. We had an insanely busy but wonderful “Halloween weekend.” Last Saturday was Andrea’s final shower before the wedding, I do not think I shed that many tears at my own showers. Both Andrea and Jon’s mothers went through some rough years before becoming pregnant with each of them, and hearing their hearts at the joy for these two kept the whole room reaching for Kleenex.

Following the shower, all of the bridal party ladies returned to Andrea’s house for a night of favor making. We started with this:

and ended up with about a thousand of these:

[caramel + chocolate + coconut pretzels] We would have had about a hundred more if the phrase “Oops!” wasn’t heard each time one was dipped just a little too far in the caramel [Too far was a relative term]. The bag I brought home for Brandon didn’t live to see Sunday morning.

Needless to say, by Sunday morning I was exhausted. So after church we attempted to have a lazy afternoon at my parent’s house doing laundry. 6:00 PM came a little too quickly though, so there I was running around the kitchen like a crazy person trying to finish the mashed potatoes for dinner at our friend’s house and coax our laundry to dry quicker [I would up wearing sweats to dinner and finishing our laundry Monday night].


We carved pumpkins Monday evening at Brandon’s parents:

I let you guess who created which masterpiece!



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