First Christmas

Well I am not a happy lady right now. Yesterday after I completed my catch-up blog, I stayed up late to write my post for today so I could easily post tonight. Unfortunately technology did not have the same idea and decided to delete said post and surprise me with that about 5 minutes ago. I am incredibly disappointed about it as I do not remember much of what I wrote [it was 3 AM], but I know it was good and covered allll of our Christmas craziness. Here goes attempt number 2.


The splitting of Holidays was not something that Brandon and I discussed during our years of dating/engagement. Put two stubborn, only children together and tell them they need to give up something, and you are talking World War 3. We did realize, come Christmas 2010, that we needed to figure everything out far in advance so we would not have to worry about everything close to the wedding when emotions were running high. After negotiations fit for…well something high profile, we finally settled. Cue the phone call from my best friend letting me know they had set their wedding date. Thanksgiving weekend? Uh oh. There went the core of our deal. [No hard feelings, completely worth it!]. Put the two of us back in a room to figure out our remaining Holiday, the mother of them all? Not so much. And so developed our cram everything and everyone into 2.5 days plan.


Before I get to how that went, let’s back up to Christmas week. I am that person that promises myself every year that I will spread the Christmas cheer evenly over the month of December. Clearly I am a champion of resolutions because we somehow packed every Christmas event into just over one week.

[Sunday] Annual trip to the Toledo Zoo for their Lights Before Christmas with a group of our friends.

[Monday] “I should probably start Christmas shopping for Brandon.”

[Tuesday] “Wow, yesterday was busy. Well today is much more relaxed, I should really buy Brandon his presents.”

[Wednesday] This is the day I actually attempted some Christmas shopping. After what could be described as the worst experience at Best Buy, I happily sailed through the line at Barnes & Noble, only to discover the book I had so happily found for B was already sitting on the floor at home.

[Thursday] Annual trip to Greenfield Village Holiday Nights with my parents. Somewhere during the night I turned into the Christmas nazi. Cue the rain and my husband and parents begging to leave. No no, this is tradition. KEEP. WALKING.

One of my favorite things every year at Greenfield Village are the glass blowers. These guys could be making paper weights for all I care and I would still watch in awe for hours.

[Friday-morning] This was the day that B & I admitted to each other we still had shopping to do. It was also the day I became even more thankful for an office adjacent to a major mall. No battling for a parking space for us! I grabbed my last few presents and then finished up a couple hours of work while Brandon finished up his shopping.

[Friday-night] I wish I had pictures of this night. I would have to say this was my favorite Christmas activity this year. The movie Elf is near and dear to B and I’s relationship, and I was super excited to find out it was playing at a second run theater in a town nearby. We turned this into a calm before the storm date night and had a really great evening together.


And then began the most packed two days of my year…

[Christmas Eve]

9:00 AM – Presents with B’s presents.

11:30 AM – Joined by my parents, B’s aunt, and our friends Phil and Broc for Christmas brunch.

3:30 PM – Leave with my parents to head to church.

7:00 PM – Traditional Christmas Eve dinner at Bahama Breeze. I could eat their coconut shrimp and never tire of it. Never.

8:00 PM – Oh crap. I forgot to wrap the two presents actually necessary for Christmas Eve with my parents.
“Uh dad, I um..forgot something at our apartment, can we stop by quickly?” …20 minutes later… “Sorry, I was on a conference call with Santa…” [clearly they bought this alibi].

9:00-11:30 PM – Opening our present [pajamas] and falling asleep on the couch to Home Alone.

12:00 AM – B wrapping my presents as I make the ultimate procrastination decision to wrap his presents the next morning.

[Christmas Day]

8:30 AM – Me frantically wrapping presents and B asking if he can come out of our room yet.

9:00 AM – Our first Christmas!

10:00 AM – Back to my parents for the rest of present exchange, breakfast, and ham dinner #1.

12:00 PM – B’s parents pick us up to head 2 hours West.

2:00-4:30 PM – Christmas #1 with my FIL’s side of the family and ham dinner #2. Now, I have only ever had Christmas with my parents, max 5 people while my Grandparents were alive. Never with my entire family. Please imagine my face as I tried to find somewhere to stand in a house filled with 30 people, half of which are under 10 years old. The phrase, THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE, was repeated.

5:00-8:30 PM – Christmas #2 with my MIL’s side of the family. Again 30 people and ham dinner #3 (guess what we won’t be eating for a while). Christmas #2 was the winner BY FAR in the meal department. Because really, who can go wrong with a bourbon glazed ham, homemade dinner rolls, and homemade ice cream? Plus I got lots of quality time with this cutie:

Note to self: Children are much more tech savvy today. Teach one how to take a picture on your phone and you will come home with 75 identical pictures of a stuffed dog.


We finished off our Christmas craziness on the 26th with lunch with my Aunt Nancy & Uncle Wayne, and dinner + Red Wings hockey game with my Aunt Rita. I am thrilled to say that we made it out alive, and honestly, we had a great time. This situation really won’t be ideal when we eventually have babies with us, but for now it was so wonderful to spend time with so many family members.

I love this man so much. I fall more in love with him each day, and feel so blessed to have married in to his family. I am so fortunate to have in-laws that I adore, and who get along fabulously with my parents. I am really looking forward to all of the holidays we will be spending together.


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