My Husband Stole My Blog

Okay, I’m exaggerating. But he did.

My husband is a much more consistent blogger than I am, which isn’t saying much as I never do, BUT he really is great and works so hard. He recently started a new blog and excitedly called me in to our office to check out his “awesome layout.” Yep, stole my blog.

Moving on. It has been quite the new year for us. I believe in January I was only home for about a week. We started out the year in Atlanta for Passion 2012 at the Georgia Dome. There is no doubt that I could write multiple blogs trying to describe our time there, but it was a week that changed our lives and even our marriage. We came back and I had about a week at home before I took off to Chicago on a business trip. It was long days but fabulous food. The worst part of the trip was being away from Brandon for so long (I know, I know. Marriage talk. I’m done now).

I had about a day to recover from my trip and then we left for a Winter Retreat with the youth group B and I work with. It was an emotional weekend for me as the girls in my small group are graduating this year meaning this was the last weekend away I got with them. It is through [not so] random circumstances that I ended up with these girls and I just love them to death.

[side note: I just flipped on PBS [[no cable]] to see Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs singing, much to B’s chagrin this has reinvigorated my desire need to go to NYC and see some Broadway shows]

After getting back from the retreat I think I slept for 2 days straight. I have to say I am thankful for the busyness. February was a little slow after all of that, and combined with the weather it was really just not awesome. I am very much looking forward to summer when the options in Michigan really open up. I have the pleasure of standing up for a sweet friend at her wedding in early June, and come July we are heading across the country to be surfers in California for a week. There are a few more trips scattered throughout our summer so I am feeling much anticipation for the warm weather to hit.

I do have to end this with an apology. I have so desperately wanted to blog consistently but I have to admit that social media really seems to get the best of me when I get online. I am working on is finding a way to ensure I do not get pulled in to websites [for too long] that will not build me as a person/wife/friend/God lover. It is a process, and admittedly not easy in a world where technology is always at my fingertips. I’ll keep you updated [promise] on how it goes.


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