I really don’t like being cold. For some reason our bedroom is consistently a few degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment and it drives me crazy. While in Atlanta we had a few conversations with those below the Mason-Dixon who asked us how we can survive living in Michigan. My response? I have no clue. Now I don’t want to turn this into a post full of complaints, I just want to set up a little background. It is clear to B and I that we will not be moving anywhere for at least 2 years. I have not been a happy camper about this and that needs to change.

So here is how that will happen. I am going to explore the culture, food, entertainment, history, random places that make Detroit and the surrounding areas amazing. I will be asking my unsuspecting friends about the places and events they love most and will likely drag them with me to document these experiences. My goal is to go/eat/experience one new thing or one new place each week.

If you have any places I must go to, restaurants I must try, or just anything awesome about Detroit I must experience, please leave a comment or send me a note!


8 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Campus Martius right on Woodward is awesome once it gets warmer (which it is :)) It really shows you the potential the city of Detroit has. I also love the Detroit riverwalk, right there on the US/Canada border…which is where I believe Josh Fair proposed to Carrie!

  2. GURL I love Detroit, but I am interested why you don’t. Is it just the cold that you don’t like? Tell me more.

    AS FAR AS AMAZING PLACES TO TRY, I assume you mean in the D right? OKAY here is the best one. I already have a date lined up to go there when I return. You may have heard of it already, but GO AHEAD.
    118 W Lafayette Blvd
    Detroit, MI 48226
    LAFAYETTE CONEY ISLAND. It is really the best coney island in the world. DONT YOU DARE go to the coney next door, American coney island. LAFAYETTE is the original and the best. There are no menus, just a list on the wall. It is amazing. The food network has filmed there a few times. I saw the cramtons there once. HAHA.


  3. Fantastic! I have heard of both so Lafayette it is!

    Yes, being cold is one of the big things. I also consider myself a “city” person, but just don’t have a love of Detroit. I think just because it isn’t quite the same as somewhere like Chicago or Atlanta. BUT so many people do have a love for it, and it really is turning around – and I realized I can’t just say I don’t like it without experiencing everything it has to offer.

  4. Stumbled upon your blog today while I was home sick. I am getting acquainted with the D myself. Try Cliff Bell’s in Detroit. It is super close to Comerica Park and it is the most amazing old school jazz club. You might have to pay cover to see a live jazz band but so many famous people have played there and many movies have been filmed within the club. It is a must see. The food is amazing. Check it out.

  5. Let’s go on an adventurous Detroit discovering double date! Ive heard “small plates” downtown and “slows” are amazing! DETROIT DATE NIGHT!

    My life is so hectic that I have no life, running a store is harder than I thought but I think I might try you idea to relax with the time I do get!
    Love ya lots girl

  7. Chels, you know I have tons and tons of things that I love to do in Detroit but I want to find tons more as well! BRING ME WITH YOU. Let’s hang out in Detroit and discover lots of new things allllll the time. That’s all. I’m glad you’re blogging more 😉 Love you.

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