Experiencing Detroit { Lafayette Coney }

See this is the problem. I look at the calendar and it’s Friday, no clue where the week went. Anyways…

I am so thrilled about the positive response to my challenge! I have a growing list of places to go, and I know there are still a ton out there, so please keep any ideas coming!

Last Saturday B and I ventured downtown for our first destination:

Lafayette and American Coney Island are staples in Detroit. As legend has it [or as Google tells me] they started out as one, but the brothers who owned it got into an argument, and thus was born these 2 restaurants. The present day argument is over which is better. We chose the one on the right, per my friend Alexandra who is living her life on Russian soil for a little while. She swore that Lafayette trumps American, and already has a visit planned to Lafayette upon her return. That spoke volumes to me, so Lafayette it was.

After anticipating no available parking in Downtown (it was St. Patty’s Day) I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and close we ended up. We parked right next to this gem-an urban garden. I was really impressed at how well taken care of, and honestly really beautiful this little area was. I made a starving Brandon wait while I explored the perimeter in hopes of getting in. Unfortunately it is only open during the week so the closest I got was climbing on a table next to it.

I had no clue what to expect going into this, and I think I ended up laughing the entire time we were inside. To start it off, it was crazy busy and as you can kind of see in the above photo, there is no such thing as your own table here. Okay, that’s a lie, there are a couple on the side, but mostly it is this crazy long counter/table thing. Thank the Lord B and I sat the “right” way [across from each other] because that man up there did not [he sat next to his wife] and got yelled at. Not kidding. He was not a happy camper, I, on the other hand, thought it was the funniest thing and I am sure my laughter did not help the situation.

Okay, yes we know we are lame. There were so many other exciting things on the menu, which by the way is on the WALL.
I fully anticipated Brandon ordering a chili dog, so when he said “plain” I went into a semi-panic mode about what plain meant in Lafayette land. And you better believe this is not the kind of place where you ask them to explain, there isn’t time for that! No more than 3 minutes later our food was in front of us. and there is no exaggeration in the statement that that was the best hot dog I have ever eaten and the fries were great as well. You would think we were starving at the rate at which the food disappeared.


[Check that suit jacket out]

Thanks Alexandra for your excitement and insistence that we check out Lafayette! We had such a great time and will definitely be going back after some Tigers games this summer. We do plan on trying out American Coney Island at some point, it is definitely the “nicer” of the two, much more spacious and updated with an expanded menu. But you can’t judge a book by its cover, and it will be tough to beat the experience we had at Lafayette.


2 thoughts on “Experiencing Detroit { Lafayette Coney }

  1. GURL I am THRILLED by your experience. I think you did a fab job describing the atmosphere too, I totally felt that I was there! You really made me miss lafayette.
    Also a few times as I have been walking in, the man from american coney island tries to get us to go in to his instead! SO crazy!
    I love that the menu is just chillin on the wall there too. MAN DO I LOVE THAT PLACE. I am soooo glad you enjoyed it.
    Also I like that you took a picture of the urban garden, I haven’t seen that before. DETROIT! COMIN BACK!

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