Experiencing Detroit { Slows Bar BQ }

Slows is the first place that came to mind when I decided to start exploring downtown. I’ve heard about this place for years, and every raving review included a comment on the wait time. Because of this we stayed away for a while, but found a free Sunday and headed down to Corktown.


Corktown is the oldest neighborhood in Detroit, and full of history. Unfortunately many of the beautiful parts of Detroit are left empty, and much of Corktown is the same. While we were waiting we walked over to the Michigan Central Station. You’ve probably spotted it in the movie Transformers, it has been used for multiple movies and music videos. This building is stunning architecturally, sadly it is extremely run-down. I wish they would turn it into a centerpiece of Detroit but that won’t be happening anytime soon.

We watched so many people walk right by the door and then look very confused when they couldn’t figure out how to get in. Don’t be one of those people. That is the door.

Back to that wait (2.5 hours), not something we would normally do, but this meal was worth it. It helped that we were starving by the time we sat down.

This beautiful creation is the pulled pork sandwich. Amazing. We have been back a couple of times since this visit and I cannot bring myself to order anything else. I can eat the whole thing each time which seems to go against the laws of physics and my stomach.

Check out that mac & cheese. No really, do you see that cheese trying to stay in the dish? Sides are a la carte so we get a bunch and split, do you know what happened when I tried to take that away from B? I was attacked by a fork.

I love the atmosphere of Slows, I walked in expecting a huge barbecue place (a la Famous Daves) but this is more akin to a hole-in-the-wall place (albeit a very updated one), which explains the wait. This is a must if you are in town, or if you live here and have not yet ventured over. B’s Grandma from Iowa is coming into town later this month and Slows already has a place on her schedule.

I hope you all had a fantastic Thursday!


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