A Business Trip

Have you ever put something out there just for the heck of it? Of course you have. We all do. A few months back I was on the phone at work and made a comment about being willing to travel anywhere and BOOM, three days later I am on a plane to Indianapolis, the exotic flatland of the midwest (who am I kidding, it’s all flat).

The architecture is beautiful though, and the interesting thing is that you don’t notice it until you turn down certain streets and then, suddenly, it’s on either side of you. I love brick streets, I would love to live somewhere that puts them everywhere, there is also a great chance that one day my driveway will be brick if at all possible.

I had a really bad first day, lesson learned is if you are not going to get to your hotel by 7 PM don’t expect a room. And because I was there for a convention that took over the city there was no where else for me to go but far, far outside the city. Alone. The taxi driver did not make it any better by wondering aloud why they were sending me to a hotel by the abandoned airport area. Safety first.

I made it back to the original hotel after the first night (there are only so many chairs one can put in front of a door), which was great since we were out late the next night at the Slippery Noodle Inn. This place was great, they have live jazz every night and have hosted Michael Buble, Dave Matthews, Jimmy Fallon, Billy Joel, Patrick Dempsey, Tim Tebow and many, many more. The food was okay but the best part about the Noodle is the jazz. These aren’t bands rehearsed and waiting to go on, this is a list of multiple individuals who are called up at random and play like they have been together for years.

This painter was amazing. If I could have fit those into my suitcase I would have done everything I could have to purchase them. There is no doubt that I probably freaked him out, I took so many pictures and walked by about a thousand times during the day he painted them. He started over each day, these were my favorites though.

This was a great moment. I have an entire series of pictures that I was sneaking from our booth where he turns and sees me. Let’s talk about awkward. He tried to give me a shirt with his face on it at that point. Oh trade shows.

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend!


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