A Birthday Weekend in Chicago

I love that my birthday always falls on Memorial Day weekend. It was fantastic as a child when I had a day off school, and it is still wonderful now that I get to spend a long weekend with B.

This year we decided to make it an extended long weekend and B took Friday off. Thursday night we booked a hotel and Friday we made the trek to the Windy City.

I am and will always be a city girl. Some people hate the hustle and bustle, but it invigorates me, something inside me just wakes up when I step out on the street. One of the things I love most about Chicago is Lake Michigan. We spent one evening just strolling down the beach, staring at the city line (hunting down Oprah’s condo that she’s never lived in), and just chatting about life. To me, that is bliss.


We spent a lot of time just driving around the city and really just enjoying a relaxing weekend. Saturday was my birthday which we spent on Navy Pier and then walked the equivalent of, oh I don’t know, FOREVER, to get to dinner at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. Fortunately, the wait was well worth it.

We tried both the deep dish and thin crust pizza (deep dish won!), and also ate our weight in garlic cheese bread. There are no pictures of this bread because we instantly devoured it. Carbs are a good friend of mine and if you throw on garlic and cheese there is no hope.

Let’s talk about that little beauty. Deep dish cookie, vanilla ice cream and cherries. That was my equivalent of a birthday cake and it was amazing. I still dream about it.

I have a fantastic husband. I really can’t believe we are almost to one year of marriage. We’re still new at this but we are having a blast and learning a ton.

We did make a little stop in the Village of Winnetka on our way home. Okay, maybe not quite on the way home, but 30 minutes out of our way isn’t that crazy! If you aren’t familiar with the above house you need to catch up on your Christmas movies. It was the featured house in Home Alone, and just recently sold for $1.5 million, a steal! I do believe that is B’s dream home, so perhaps one day we can convince the owners to slash the price just a bit more 😉 .

Enjoy your weekend!!


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