Summer Vacation

We are taking full advantage of summer this year. Michigan weather has been outrageously uncharacteristic which means I am often warmer then I like, but I’ve hit the point where I want to dig my heels in to August and refuse to let Winter start to creep in. The nice thing about 2012 is that we actually have free time, last year we were so busy planning our wedding that any free moments went to DIY projects and trips to Grand Rapids to pull everything together.

We did sneak in a trip to Grand Rapids a couple of months ago. It was completely impromptu, it was around 6 on a Friday evening when we jumped in the car (sans hotel reservation) and made the quick trip (2 hours). We both went to college in GR so we could pretty much make it there in our sleep (we didn’t).

After securing a hotel we headed over to The B.O.B. for dinner. This was the site of our wedding reception, it holds multiple bars and restaurants, along with the special event space. We chose Bobarino’s, they have amazing pizza and sandwiches, and some killer desserts.

Okay, those are garlic cloves. I love garlic, but it is a good thing I removed most of them or B would have probably gotten a separate hotel room.

I mentioned killer desserts above, after our meal I straight up begged B to order two desserts. He was reluctant but was a fantastic husband and agreed.


The one on the left is a brownie, ice cream, whipped cream creation. The right is dark chocolate mousse. Heaven.

Sometimes I am a klutz, and it comes out at the worst times. Maybe it was my excitement over two desserts, maybe a sugar rush, I don’t know…but this happened:

So awkward. I always hated carrying martini glasses when I was a waitress, so serving dessert in one was bound to go wrong. I just couldn’t believe that it shattered, it only fell on the table. After mourning the remainder of the mousse that I couldn’t enjoy, I picked up all the glass pieces, awkwardly placed them on the mousse, and we hightailed it out of there (the bill was already paid).


Another fantastic food night happened a couple weeks ago, this time closer to home. Katie Grace, Carrie and I headed to downtown Royal Oak for dinner at Cafe Habana, a fantastic Cuban restaurant hidden away just off Main Street. I didn’t grab many pictures, I was enjoying the conversation too much!

Citrus pork tacos-sorry for the blurry picture!

Katie Grace!

Carrie and Katie both got the above-for the life of me I can’t remember the name. Something Cuban! It looked incredible though. My tacos were not great, they were a little dry unfortunately. We also ordered the Pan Cubano. I would go back just for that-grilled cuban bread with chimichurri. It is all about the chimichurri.

We made a trip down Woodward to Ferndale after dinner and stopped at Treat Dreams for dessert. They make homemade ice cream in the most unique flavors (think Thanksgiving Dinner, Purple Yam, Lemon Basil). We went slightly on the tame end, Katie and Carrie ordered the Salty Caramel and gave it rave reviews. I ordered the Dark Chocolate Chip, also amazing.


I wanted to throw one last picture in just because I love it. I was blessed to be a part of Bethany and Riche’s wedding in early June and just loved this picture wall that she made for the reception!

Happy Monday!!







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