In the City of L.A.

You are probably catching on to the fact that this has been a crazy summer. We have been gone almost every weekend, mostly in Northern Michigan with a few out of state adventures (we feel so blessed that we have been able to travel this year!). We had been looking forward to our biggest trip since before our own wedding, because this was for the wedding of Brandon’s Uncle Mike. Now I’d say that is a fantastic reason to head to the West Coast!

We found our hotel on one of the discount hotel sites, and let me tell you-we will most definitely be doing that again! After walking out to the pool area we about died and went to heaven.

Our trip out there was crazy, after our flight being delayed an hour we were happily on the runway when the power on the plane shut down. Now that is a freaky experience, I will not lie and say I held it together. I most definitely thought I was going to die and made sure B was aware of that. He pointed out that the flight attendants would not be calmly walking around if we were in a life or death situation. Of course he was right, and we made it safely!

It was 3:30 AM California time when we finally made it to our room (6:30 AM Detroit time, yikes). And of course Thursday was our planned Disney day so we had to be up at ready to go at 8 AM. I thought this would be a huge issue, but our internal time clock had a different idea and we were up 3 hours later at 6:30 AM. Thank goodness we were headed to Disney otherwise we would have been cranky, cranky people.

There are 2 Disney parks in California, the classic Disneyland and the newer Disney California Adventure. Before we left I polled various people who had visited both and was told that California Adventure was the way to go.

Cars Land opened about a month prior to our visit, and oh my goodness, it was the best. It literally felt like stepping into Radiator Springs. Disney really does a fantastic job at setting the scene and putting together everything perfectly.

“Jessie” up there on that float was incredible. It was like a mini-preview of the Olympics!

I had watched Unwrapped a few days before we left, and the episode was centered around Disneyland (perfect timing!). One of the food items they featured was the Mickey ice cream bars, from that point on I was craving one so it was a necessary purchase on a hot afternoon!

If the sky had been slightly bluer there is a good chance I would have walked right in to that backdrop, it definitely put into perspective how realistic the backdrops are for movies and television shows.

You can’t tell, but I have a vice-grip on my MIL and B’s leg (back row, right side).

Goofy breaking it down!

I couldn’t end this first California post without the above. The first thing I wanted when we got off the plane was In-N-Out Burger, there is something about hearing how awesome something is for years that makes me think I cannot live without it. Probably not the best way of thinking, but it sure was amazing. It was definitely not a one-time only visit.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about our venture into Hollywood and wedding details!

Happy Monday!


One thought on “In the City of L.A.

  1. I would never say I look like my sister, but in this picture, I think it looks like I’m sitting next to you. I love following your blog. 🙂

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