Down the Coast

Okay I’ll admit it. I’m starting to grow fonder of Detroit/Michigan. It helps that I have been in Northern Michigan on the Lake at least once a month this summer (that never happens). B and I have this problem that every time we visit a new place we want to live there. We’re not quite sure what that means, but have taken to just enjoying our busy summer and also appreciating the moments at home.

Can you blame us for wanting to live there?

We decided to make the most of our last day in California and take the beautiful drive down the coast and visit as many beaches as possible. We started in Malibu and decided to venture down the pier.

There were a ton of fishing hooks on the pier itself, a bummer if you decide to go barefoot.

This shop at the end of the pier was my favorite. My goal of the day was to find a good sweatshirt, and right when I saw their logo I was just praying they would have one sporting it. Sadly, I wound up with a mug.

Next on the drive was Santa Monica. It was so interesting to see the differences between the beaches throughout the day. Santa Monica was definitely the touristy one, Malibu felt like a beach town and then walking through Santa Monica and down the pier felt very similar to Navy Pier in Chicago. Too many people in too small of a space.

Fun fact, Santa Monica is also the end of Route 66!

Even the beach there was insane! That does not look relaxing to me at all, it looks like my worst nightmare in terms of a fun day. There was no way we were venturing into more chaos, so we just strolled to the end of the pier, bought a few souvenirs, and hurried back to the car.

The next “stop” was Venice Beach, except we wound up in a super shady area. I almost had a panic attack thinking about exiting the car, thus, we kept driving. There was a quick stop at In-N-Out after that. I know it’s bad, but I have no regrets about all the ridiculous food I consumed on this trip.

Now this is more like it.

My body relaxed just staring at Newport Beach, this was my pick of the day. I had read and heard so much about it and it didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to spend there, and pretty much all of it was spent running from store to store trying to find a sweatshirt (success!). I have never been so thankful for a patient husband willing to go into the same store multiple times for his indecisive wife.

The reason we sped through Newport was to get to B’s reason for loving California. The beach of all beaches, Laguna.

My first impression-parrots in the window. Such an unexpected thing to see, but they were beautiful.

It was gloomy at this point of the day, and the sun was already setting so we didn’t get the full effect. However, it was still beautiful. I was fully expecting the beach to be insanely crowded a la Santa Monica, but was pleasantly surprised. We did spy a wedding reception, and the bride and groom strolling down the beach for pictures. Slightly jealous of that, you could just tell how stunning they were going to be.


That’s my Newport sweatshirt! I also caved and bought one in Laguna.

After we finished strolling the beach, we hit up the local coffee spot (Starbucks) and explored the main strip of Laguna. Hence my second sweatshirt, and a t-shirt for B. I think he was sad that he didn’t spy any Laguna Beach stars, I did remind him that the show has been off the air for a while now.

We were planning on heading back to the hotel early, but stopped to grab some frozen yogurt on our way out (it’s our new obsession). We found the best plaza and just spent some time relaxing and taking in the beach air. The smell of the pizza next door also pulled us in and we enjoyed a post dessert dinner. B and I agreed that our time in Laguna was one of the best parts of the trip for us, the ideal relaxation moment.


This is a crazy work week for me, and we are heading back to Traverse City this weekend, however I will be back Friday with another Experiencing Detroit post!





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