Experiencing Detroit { Target Fireworks + DMT }

Playing catch up…

For the past 3 years we have been able to go down to the Renaissance Center for the Detroit Fireworks. Each year has been incredibly unique, year 1 we watched a mob break down all the fences around the river walk, year 2 they removed the fence but we saw 2 people be shot, finally, this year, they got it right. Almost every street downtown was blocked off, the river front area was closed and no one was allowed to enter unless they had a pass for one of the private parties. We were incredibly close to not making it to our party since we got on the freeway behind the trucks that were closing the freeway. Thankfully we ended up behind a congressman who was showing the same pass we had to one of the Detroit police officers, and after a little wait they also let us go through. We were all cheering, it was a miracle.

My favorite little man checking out the boats holding the fireworks.

Since we arrived downtown shortly after 6 and the fireworks didn’t launch until 10 we had a bit of a wait after dinner. Fortunately a great view and good friends make the time go by quickly.

Boom! The Target fireworks are always amazing. While you can head to Hart Plaza for a free evening, I recommend making this a nice evening out and splurging on tickets for one of the private viewing parties on the various rooftops, there are a lot of dangerous things that happen where the large crowds are and it can really destroy a great evening.


The week of the fireworks also held the annual Detroit Missions Trip for the youth group that both B and I volunteer for. This was an exhausting but amazing week where close to 200 high school students happily spent the hottest week of the summer doing service projects, mostly outside.

Each day two of the teams helped run a VBS, it was so great to see how well our students handled the mass chaos of more than a hundred elementary aged students in a building with zero air conditioning.

The best part of VBS was the field trip to a roller rink on our last day, I was having major Jr. High flash backs.

I wish I always fell with a smile on my face.

I had to take a picture of the clean gym because at no point during the week was I able to fully see the floor, this was where the guys slept and layered the floor with their clothing. The right side of the gym is where we ate, you can imagine how lovely the room smelled with the clothing of 100+ sweaty boy. Memories.

Happy to be exhausted.

This is only about a fourth of the total group, we are so blessed to serve every person in this room. We take Friday night and debrief from the week, DMT is one of my favorite weeks of the year, and that Friday night is my favorite night of the trip. It is incredible to hear how much the team has learned and how much they have grown during the week. In a world where many don’t think much of teenagers, these students live out 1 Timothy 4:12.

Matthew 25:35-40


This was a little different than the adventures I usually write about, but it is a week that brings such a bond with the people of the city, and to me that is a very important part of truly experiencing Detroit.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


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