I am having a deep appreciation for the little things lately. We are smack dab in the middle of a waiting process and if I think too much about it I start to go slightly crazy.


Talenti Double Dark Chocolate Gelato. Just looking at the container makes me want to go pull it back out of the freezer. Never mind that I just put it back about 3 minutes ago. I have had two great ice cream loves in my life, Baskin Robbins Truffle in Paradise and Dove Unconditional Chocolate. Both are long since gone in my area leaving me with limited options when I am having a major chocolate craving. I’d seen Talenti on the shelves for a while but finally picked up a pint last week to give it a shot. Pint 2 is now in the freezer.

ballet slippers

Essie Ballet Slippers. This is my new go-to color. It is only in the last year(ish) that I’ve started wearing nail polish consistently. Before that it was a french manicure or nada. For some reason I always felt like colored polish made me look younger. I have that feeling about a lot of things, but then again so would you if you were mistaken for a teenager on a regular basis.

seche vite

Seche Vite. I wouldn’t dare mention Ballet Slippers without talking about Seche Vite. I would have long since given up on having painted nails if it weren’t for it. I have an Essie obsession so I splurged one day on top coats, bottom coats, etc. I would painstakingly take the time to go through each coat only to go to sleep and wake up with nails that looked rippled. I did some research and found out that it has something to do with the ingredients in your nail polish vs. top coat. If they aren’t similar the top coat will dry before the colored coat making it ridiculously easy to smear the color around. Something like that. Anyways. Seche Vite. Dries fast, solidifies your nail and makes them super shiny. You will never look back.


Clear Shampoo & Conditioner. I don’t color my hair. I’ve gotten highlights twice from a friend who is an expert [literally] colorist. They looked great, but not drastically different. And as a girl who barely gets her hair cut twice a year, keeping up with color is just not something for me. And our budget is thankful. Because of that, I tend to float towards the “salon” side of Ulta when I pick out a new shampoo. I used Moroccanoil Shampoo and Conditioner for a while, then felt too guilty to buy it again at ~$25/bottle. I tried the drugstore version [Organix] which was great at first, but after a while made my hair feel limp and look like it was still dirty right after I dried it. I went out last week with the expectation of spending way to much on something new, but couldn’t get over the budget guilt I was feeling looking at prices. I asked Siri for some shampoo reviews and repeatedly Clear popped up. Could be because they have been marketing like crazy lately, or because it is just that good. I went with it. Again, it’s only been a week but I am loving it. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft.


#SheReadsTruth. When I was growing up I think one of the biggest misconceptions that I had was that one day it would be easy to consistently wake up early and dedicate time to devotions. They were many times that the guilt of letting a day, two days, a week pass by without cracking open my Bible would prevent me from starting fresh. Counterintuitive, but it happened. And it happens to the best of us. No, I haven’t achieved a 365/day perfect morning attendance, I don’t know if I ever will. But perfect isn’t my goal. Prioritizing is. Keeping the [desire] to spend that precious time with my Savior is. She Reads Truth is a fantastic community of women who are striving for the same. I love the studies that they provide, they take a fresh look at many things and give you a refresher on things that you may have read a thousand times. If you are looking for a daily study, I highly recommend joining in!


If you have any little things that make you extra thankful, I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “loving[lately]

  1. Just suscribed to she reads truth–thanks for the recommendation!

    Also, I am thankful for EOS lipbalm (those colorful little egg-shaped chapsticks) So cute, and so god!

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