Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes
Let me tell you all the reasons why
I think you’re one of a kind.
Here’s to you
The one that always pulls us through
Always do what you gotta do
You’re one of a kind,
Thank God you’re mine.


Year Three.

Each year when I sit down to write these to you, words have come easily. This year is different.

I have struggled with how to put words to my emotions.

I don’t think there are words deep enough to describe what this year has been like. 


The best words to say are thank you.

Thank you for being my rock. 

Those words have never held so much meaning as they do after this year. 

I pray you feel how deeply I mean that.

Thank you for understanding.

For letting me spend many, many days away.

You have so graciously allowed me to process life.

I will borrow your words and echo that these have been the hardest 3 years of our lives,

and I think this year took the cake.


Thank you for your commitment to us. 

For as unexpected and hard year three has been, I do not doubt that it will be a key year that we will forever reflect on.

There have been many moments where we have loved each other while deeply disliking each other,

and I would not trade those for 10,000 “easy” years. 

Over and over again I am so thankful for the depth of our relationship.

For the friendship that is our foundation. 

You have never ceased to be my best friend. 

Marriage is hard.

Life is unexpected.

There is no one I would rather navigate this hard, unexpected life with.


And just in case I don’t express it enough, or in the best way:

I am so proud of you. 

You are chasing your dreams, you are being a difference maker, a catalyst.

Please don’t ever let anyone steal those dreams from you.

Please don’t let anyone ever cut you down for standing for what you believe in. 

You are doing incredible things.

The depth of my admiration for you is indescribable. 

I am the luckiest woman in the world to be yours. 

Happy Anniversary my love. 


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